Rent A Classic Car, the team

A multidisciplinary team, between MICE, tourism and automotive

The “Classic Rallies” are both a MICE product, a tourism product and of course an automotive experience. Our team reflects this multiple positioning, that’s why all our activities are accompanied by a numerous staff (one “staff car” and two staffs every five “clients’ car”) representing equally these different competencies, the participants have always somebody “at disposal” with the right answer!!!

An accompaniment by MICE and tourism professionals…

Each “Classic Rally” is supervised by a “senior” staff with both a true classic car knowledge and enthusiasm, as well as a proven MICE experience. Then, every 5 clients’ cars we have a “staff car” with two staffs, one being a “car expert” and the other one a “tourism and destination expert”, they are in constant HF communication with the participants. Our staff is systematically bilingual (English + another language), our team can welcome groups in English, German, Portuguese/Brazilian and any Scandinavian language.

… And by a team of mechanics, classic car experts and true enthusiasts!

Each “Classic Rally” is also systematically accompanied by an experienced “senior” mechanic in a dedicated support vehicle positioned at the end of the rally (with tools and spare parts). He is backed by many automotive professionals or experts: former racing drivers, former mechanics, classic car collectors, automotive journalists, etc. They can answer any participants’ questions! After the general briefing, each vehicle is presented individually to the participant who will drive it. Last a spare vehicle is always accompanying the rally, from 25 cars and up we include 2 spare cars (one after the first 3 groups of 5 cars, the second at the very end of the “rally”).

A true “double accompaniment” at every stage of the activity