Rent A Classic Car, A multidisciplinary team, between event planning and automotive

The Classic Tours are both a business tourism product and an offer associated to the automotive environment, therefore our teams are systematically offering this double competency

An accompaniment by tourism professionals…

Each “classic rally” is supervised by one or several corporate event professionals, systematically bilingual. Our team can welcome groups in English, in German and in any Scandinavian language. Thanks to our occasional staffs’ network we can also welcome on demand groups in Italian, in Chinese and in Russian. Last, thanks to our GPS sytems, the navigation of our rallies is always in the participants’ language, even for multinational groups.

… And by automotive professionals!

Each Classic Tours is systematically accompanied by a confirmed mechanic and several automotive professionals or enthusiasts: drivers, driving instructors, classic cars collectors… A stunt man can even perform animations on demand!

Each vehicle is presented individually to the participant who will drive it and our staff can jump behind the wheel if necessary. Last a spare vehicle is always accompanying the rally…

A double accompaniment at every stage of the activity